Error(Red highlighted) Selectors in selector Editor pane after indicating UI element

Hi Team,
After Indicating the UI element using UI Explorer/activity, selectors in the selector Editor pane appeared as error (red highlighted) and unable to indicate the UI Element on my machine but when I test the same selector which is errored out on my colleagues machine its working. May I know the reason for the same.
I really appreciate your help in resolving the issue.

Hello @kevarsha

Can you scroll to the top and use the valid selectors and check whether the flow is working or not.
Share a screenshot after scrolling to the top.

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan
Even If I check the valid selector and validate again, even the valid selector(in back) changed to red. Attaching screenshot for reference.

Hi @kevarsha

What is the version of UIAutomation pacakge and Studio that you are using?

Hi @loginerror , I am currently using 2021.4.4,the issue has been resolved, the packages I have used are not stable version so I got the error, now I have upgraded packages to stable version and the issue got resolved

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