I was not able to get the Monitor event activity and file chanage trigger activity

the flow should wait untill the process is completed so i decided to use file change trigger but i was not able to get Monitor event activity and even file change trigger activity was getting in other way so i copied those activities from XML file given by my friend and i pasted it in my work flow and it was running but i was not able to get it from my activities panel attaching the screen shots

No Monitor event activity

getting file change trigger activity in other form

these were the activities i copied from my friend XML i want these

is there any other way i can stop the bot to wait until process is completed


In the latest version, MonitorEvents is replaced to TriggerScope. So can you try to use FileChangeTriggerV3 with it?

If you want to newly use MonitorEvents and FileChangeTrigger(v1) you need to downgrade UiAutomation and System package to 19.4 or lower.


Hi @Yoichi can you tell how to use those in new version
i was using but flow was getting stuck at that activity please help me


Do you have any exception?
TriggerScope is mostly same as MonitorEvents. The following is a simple sample for it.