Monitor Events/File Change Trigger

I am wanting to kick off a process once a certain file is created or changed, but it does not look like these events are being detected - the bot will run everything before the monitor events activity before running until it is manually stopped, even if the file is changed/created. I have followed the steps from a YouTube video by UiPath Learner exactly but am unable to duplicate the results - I can’t link the video, but it is called " File Change Trigger in UIPATH by Sudheer Nimmagadda". Has anybody else been able to get this to work?

@jasonnguyen We may need to know what are you doing before the Monitor Events Activity ? Also a Brief description of what the process should do in total would be helpful to understand the situation

Hi @supermanPunch, thanks for responding. Before the Monitor Events Activity, I just had it display a message to see if it was the entire process that was broken or just the monitor events activity - it was not working when there were no activities before it either. Ideally, before monitoring for the event, I would want to pull user info using a VBScript and then display a message to let the user know that the bot is listening for the trigger. Once the trigger is activated, I am wanting to use the data in the newly created file to fill out a web form, but I am unable to get the trigger to activate.

@jasonnguyen Can you show us the way you have implemented the Monitor Events Activity using Screenshots?



@supermanPunch here are the configurations for the monitor events and file change trigger activities. I have tried changing the notifyfilters and changetype but did not see a change in the results.

@jasonnguyen Why do you use “*.txt” ? I’m not sure if that is going to work, Can you remove that and check. You are going to Create a File in a Certain folder right ? I guess the Path is enough. Try and check if it works

@supermanPunch I removed the filename and tried having a more specific filename (without a wildcard) and the trigger is still not activating.

@jasonnguyen Can you use a Message Box inside the File Change Trigger and check if it goes Inside it’s Do block. Does the execution Stop or Does it just doesn’t enter into the Event Handler Sequence ?

@supermanPunch I added a message box inside the File Change Trigger’s “Do” block and got that message to pop up, but it continued to run indefinitely after that, without ever reaching the message box in the Event Handler. I also changed ContinueMonitoring to False and did not see a change in the results.

@jasonnguyen In that case I think you can just use the File Trigger Activity , there is no need of Monitor Events Activity.

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