Unable to find Monitor Events Activity

Hi, I am trying to listen for any error message box in my workflow. However, I am unable to find this Activity “Monitor Events” in my Activities Panel.

I have tried looking up in the manage packages but no success as well.

Please assist. Thanks!

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Which version do you use?
In the latest version, Monitor events is replaced to Trigger Scope.
Can you try this?



Also, the Trigger Scope activity is now in the System package, with only specific triggers left in the UI Automation package.

Check out this link for more in-depth info.


Thanks! I was suspecting it to be due to an update as well. However, I cross it out from my suspicion since the current document on Monitor Events in UiPath does not display any information that this has been deprecated.
I have submitted my suggestion to edit in the current document.

Thanks @Yoichi @Tudor_Sandu for the prompt reponses.

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Thanks for that, @ryantkm! The docs update is in progress and they should reflect the change when we officially release the 20.10 version.

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