I want to take screenshot the whole entire web page at present available?



Hi Team

I want to take entire page as screenshot

My web page should be having the scroll bar so i need to cover the entire page through in that screen shot how it is possible

can anyone help me to solve this !!!



Check here,


Hi @sarathi125

in that they mention for chrome only

But i am using my logic and execute the xaml file in IE

Are you there !!


I have been working on this custom activity which captures the entire webpage. It still needs some fixes. Can you check if it works for your website.

WebScreenCapture.Activities.2.0.0.nupkg (8.2 KB)




Hi @vvaidya

i download and i paste in my Packages Folder
see the below image :

And in uipath while i am Searching for a “web screen capture” control cannot able to find it there ?
see the below image too : image


Did you install the package?


I Just download the above and paste in My Packages folder
see the manage package screenshot here :


Hi @vvaidya

can you able to see this post to find out the solution in that xaml file , were is the logic missing ?


what to this need any response we can able to do ?

i install and then also control cannot able to find so what to do next

Any Response i am expecting from Team