Need Help On Logic On Xaml File!

Hi Team,

Can you able to help me on one logic her ?

i have one xaml file in that i have done the import Process and calculation Process [Both process completed] i.e Calculation Process-Show as message as “Calculation Process Completed” like that after that i have take the screen shot and send a mail corresponding person,this information i have done and completed

New Idea to trigger : But Now i need to do is if my Calculation Process-“calculation Process is completed with Errors” means in that screen itself we have “Error Log Report” one Link i need to click and then it show below the error details after that i need to take that as Screen Shot [A complete Web Page I Need to take ] and i need to send a mail

Now i will update my Xaml File in that i will remove my import Process why because it take more time so i removwe that i upload the Latest Xaml i done the both Logic here and its triggering the Both Scenoria in Calculation Process - Completed and Error Also triggering to me [two times mail All task appers two time ?]. But my logic At present any one only need to be Happen

Here is my xaml file : NewTriggerCalcProcess.xaml (47.0 KB)

see the image that “Calculation Process Completed with Errors” :

can you help with this Logic here

I need quick help @Dominic @ovi @ddpadil @ClaytonM @vvaidya

Any one is there to solve out this issues ?

can one able to help here this issues ?

here is the latest xaml file : TryCalErrrorAlone.xaml (46.8 KB)

i have tried that "Calculation process completed with errors " still it’s wait and doing the action of (cal completed process-saveimage ,mail sending) Calculation process completed with errors and below activity like error log report and saveimage and mail not working.