Take the complete page screenshot

Can we take a screenshot in this full complete page manner?

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hI @Sweety_Girl
Try this

Ashwin S

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a TAKE SCREENSHOT without any selector or any elemen chosen…can do that
get the output with a variable of type image named out_image
–now use SAVE IMAGE activity and pass the variable out_image as input and mention the folder path of the file with file type as .png
like this

Cheers @Sweety_Girl

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Can you click my image and see the complete image

ooh…it looks like a panaroma - vertical mode
let me check once



did you get any solution?

Well i guess this whole page is not visible on your screen also,
When you scroll than this whole picture can be generated.

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my requirement is similar, if u get any solution, pls share

Not yet

Hi @Sweety_Girl,

Please have a look into this,

TakeScreenShotWholePage.zip (702.4 KB)


  1. install this custom nuget package - ImageStringConversion.1.0.0
  2. Main xaml - TakeScreenShotWholePage