I want to add a calender as an input from the user

Am doing a hotel automation and i want to take check in and check out date

instead of input dialog can we take input from the user in any otgher way?


Use Assets instead of input dialog

No i cant because the check in and check out dates varies based on customers input


You can store the data in config file and use that.



Using Forms: You can create a custom input form using UiPath Form Activities. Form activities allow you to design a user-friendly interface with input fields, checkboxes, buttons, and other components to collect user input. The user can then interact with the form to provide the required information.

If you have a large set of data or multiple entries, you can ask the user to input the data into an Excel or CSV file. Your automation can then read the data from the file and process it accordingly.

you can use the Type Into activity to enter the check-in and check-out dates directly into a text field on a web page or application.

You could write an HTML page that allows for selection of a date from a calendar. Use that HTML page in the Custom Input activity.



You can use UiPath forms where you can include date firlds also which gives calendar view for selections

Or go with creating a web page and then through api submit data to queue