Input calendar parameter


I am searching for calendar activity for parameter input. My workflow is simple.

1> user select from date and to date parameter as robot request similar like input dialog activity
2> robot will show a calendar for user input parameter
2> user manually pick a date from the calendar
3> robot will use these stored variables

Let me know how can i achieve that one. thanks

Haii @Htwe_Ko_Ko_Wynn… Did u pick the date in web? Or something other…
Make the selector of the Click Activity as Dynamic and pass the date values as variable in the desired format. Use it with UiPath Explorer to get the selectors (Picking up the date)…

Hi Nandhuba,

I would like to build this calendar pick acivity after robot is run in very first stage. Then user will choose this and the robot will stored this from and to date for later activity usage.
This look similar to user input dialog activity.
Any suggestion for this?


There is no default activity to get date from user input (like Input dialog activity).

Your scenario won’t work out while picking the date in calendar since because the calendar element differs with the web pages / applications.

As @Nandhuba told, you’ve to pass the date value as dynamic selector.

Kindly check the scenario and let us know if possible.

@Htwe_Ko_Ko_Wynn… Use calendar pick in message box… That will make the user’s custome activity

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