How to add a date picker to input dialog box?


Is it possible to have a UIPath Input Dialog present a user with a Date Selector (similar to this kind of thing)


Hi @mshecter

Well the only way to customize a message Box beyond the ok and cancel buttons is to use the activity custom input, where you create an HTML file with a datepicker and then run it, note that you need to use a script at the end of the HTML code so you can store the value retrieved from the dateTime Picker.



Hi mshecter,

Another workaround is to use the normal input dialog - textbox that accepts date value. You may just validate if the input date is valid, if not then let the user retry to input the correct format.

Thank you for the info. Does UI Path have a place to suggest features? I’d like to suggest click-and-play way of doing this.

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You have freedom to create your custom activity using visual studio and publish it as nupeg. Later you cab submit the activity to UiPath and they will issue it in next coming version of UiPath if its useful.

Hello @mshecter , I had the same problem what I used was a custom input and in the end I achieved something like this
I wrote the html and I had to add the jquery libraries

@mshecter, thank you for your instruction
@Francisco_Benavides: thanks so much for your example. I’ve resolved my issue :slight_smile:

Hi @Francisco_Benavides,

Could you please copy your HTML back to the drive? Looks like you have deleted that.


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Can you please share your html as example here.

Unable to access file in this location. Kindly share again.