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Hey buddies!

I was wondering if there is an activity where the user can select the Date clicking into a Pop up calender and the output will be a datetime variable?

I know you can do that with type into (user can write the exact date) but it would be easier and more charming if you could interact with a calendar interface.

Does something exist like that?

Many thanks.

@Akimbow Have you tried the Form Activity, You can provide a Date Component to pick up the Date and you can take the Value out from it. I suggest you to check and see if that is what you needed.

Hi @Akimbow,

Please add the dependency UiPath.Form.Activities from Official packages which contain Create Form activity. Please also add Deserialize JSON activity from UiPath.WebAPI.Activities

Click Open Form Designer, drag the Date/Time component to right panel, Save.

SelectedDate is the output for Create Form activity

Deserialize JSON to CalenderDate


Thank you very much. That activity is great and you can do so much different custom things. Perfect.

Could you help me to get the json.object variable to a datetime variable, how to parse it?

Is it possible to parse the wanted variable type in the deserialize activity from json.object directly to string or datetime in changing the typeArgument?

Thanks a lot!

@Akimbow I don’t think you need to parse the Output from Json Output if you only need the Output of that date that is entered in the field.

You can create an In/Out Argument in FormFieldsCollection. Set the Type as DateTime. Bind a DaateTime variable to that argument. and after the Form has been Submitted. Variable will have the value that was entered.

But make sure the argument name and the Field Key value of Date Component matches.

Thanks for the tip, I will check it out… :slight_smile:

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