I want read outlook property from sender email id, which activity I should use

I want to take some information sender outlook property. I am not sure which activity to use. Below screenshots are descripting ,How to view outlook property manually for the sender email. I wanna read all the property field values and store it in variables.

Hi @Stalin_R
Do the right click on the sender email id by using click activity and set bttn_right_click

and click on Outlook Properties

and use screen scrapping

Ashwin S

Hi @AshwinS2,

I don’t wanna right click and open the property and scrap values. I want to read all the user properties in background. Do we have activity for it?. Because I might have 100 email in my email box to process, that time I will get outlook email to get the email and I will get the sender email id from there. But I need properties of the user then I will do process transaction with that. Then I will read second email in the out look queue, again i will take sender email and it’s property. etc. give me some activities for it.