Get outlook Sender properties using On Behalf account



I am using get outlook mail message activity to read emails and I need to process emails from a particular sender but usually they are sent via On Behalf. Example, when I manually open the email it will say the sender is:

Beth Lodangco on behalf of XXX Investigation team

when using UIpath to get the outlook properties, either Sender or From, it will always return the email address of the original sender, in my example it is where I would like it to be Is there a way to get the on behalf email address or at least the display name?



Can you open a mail & post the screen shot ?



Here is the screenshot. So when reading this sample, I can only get the .Sender or .From properties which will always return ‘Robot1’. I would like to get the email or at least the display name after ‘on behalf of’

I am using get outlook message where in it returns a List of MailMessage, however the properties seem limited because it doesn’t have .SentOnBehalfOfName or .ReceivedOnBehalfOfName.



One option I can think of is simulate human steps…

Open the mail,
copy sender name to clip board "image
search for “behalf of”, if exists extract the original sender name

But not sure whether this works for you.


hi @Elizabeth_Lodangco,

If you need to use “On Behalf of” option, I think you should implement new Send Mail activity using Microsoft Interop Services.