How to fetch outlook property details like alias,first name, title,department of different people by providing email id as input?

Hi everyone ,
is it possible to fetch a employee details (alias,first name, title,department) from outlook properties using some activity or invoking code?
attaching screenshot below :

Hi @rameespk23 if you want to retrieve information from company employees you may use activities that interacts directly with directory services (AD, LDAP) like UiPath.NetIQeDirectory.Activities

For example using NetIQ eDirectory activities:

That package includes Get Object Properties activity that retrieves all properties included in a specific object (user, or other kind of object)

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@dokumentor Thanks for the response, Can you help me how to get required properties like LDAP Server details,port number,etc . Also, Is Distinguished name means organization e-mail id?

@rameespk23 you should ask your system administrator for that info, at least for ldap server address or ip and port (by default 389 or 636). Usually a common user (any company employee) has enough permissions to view other user’s properties so you may use yours if not request a specific user for this process.
Distiguished name is the LDAP path to the object you want to query, it has an specific structure and may vary depending on how company implemented LDAP

You have an specific activity to retrieve that:

Hope it help!

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Ok thanks for your time and detailed explanation. I will check with system admin team.