Need to filter emails by sender in get outlook activity


I need to filter emails by sender of email in get outlook email activity filter.
I dont want to filter it using emailitem.sender

any DASL query to mention in the filter of activity.

Hi @sky1901,

Try this code

"@SQL= (urn:schemas:httpmail:sendername = <senderMailId>"

Thank you But its not working tried…

Kindly try with this in filter property
”[SenderEmailAddress] = ‘’ “

Cheers @sky1901

@Palaniyappan i tried this but unf didnt work.

Program just starts and end, w/o any output.


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Hmm it would work actually
May I know what is the value mentioned
Is it mentioned with
“ [SenderEmailAddress] = ‘’ “

Cheers @KP6689

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this one is sorted, need you help on the screenscraping front !! haha thanks!

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Fine @KP6689

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