Uploading a text file to a desktop application

I wanted to upload a text file to an application that does a post request. I have noticed there are lots of uploadFile activities. Do people know of any activity that would just upload a text file and call it a day?


If using api then use http request

there is nothing to directly upload…you can use clicks and type into to select file and upload


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Hi @Yomi_Oluwadara

Check on this thread


I will try this and let you know

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Check this out

Cheers @Yomi_Oluwadara

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@Gokul001 Thanks, I have seen this post before but I found it hard to follow what the use case was and the actual solution.

@Palaniyappan Thanks for sharing. I will explore this route- though it appears he is posting via a web application (https…) I will very likely upload to a a desktop app

Yeah but the process is same

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Just some click activity and type into activity to type the necessary path

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