I Need to switch your current license activation to another workstation, any suggesttion will be appreaciate!

I Need to switch your current license activation to another workstation, and open this website https://activate.uipath.com/ , but I don’t know how to Pass the deactivation request.

any suggestion will be greatful! :slight_smile:


Please check below thread and try that command to deactivate licence.


Manay thanks for your reply, I try to active in my new PC, but I got below info, could you please help to take a look? :slight_smile:

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What version do you have?

Thanks for reply, Rfer bellow for my version:

And what product are you trying to activate? Studio? This error suggests that you are using for example an Orchestrator key to activate Studio. And because they have different license models(Orchestrator has Instance/Server model and Studio has User model) you are getting this error. If you asked for a platform trial you first need to install Orchestrator, license it with that key and then license Studio and Robots via Orchestrator. If you want to license a stand-alone Studio, you will have to request a Studio Trial: https://www.uipath.com/developers/studio-download

Thanks for invistegate, I found 2018.04 version of studio and actived it use same key which I have failed to active for 2019 studio version.

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