I need to create a dispatcher

I need to build ten queues for ten different bots.

I have ten Apps here, and they occasionally go down; for this reason, I have run mode excel as


Based on the run mode excel, I mean if the run mode column is “on,” I need to add that specific Application data to the queue.

Thanks in Advance

  • Read Range
  • For Each Row in Data Table
    ** If CurrentRow(“Run mode”).ToString = “on”
    *** Add Queue Item

Hi @ManjunathReddy

while creating queue , check on the Enforce Unique reference. after that in studio

  1. Use Read Range
  2. Use for each row

In for each row, use add Queue Item
In the properties panel of add queue item set reference as per your requirement

set the continue on error to true in add queue item activity

Hope this helps

Hi @ManjunathReddy

Try this

Thank you