Dynamic collection for add queue item

Hi UiPath pros,

I am creating a generic excel extractor to be able to take any size of excel sheet and upload this to a specified queue. the only hurdle I have is that the “Add Queue item” activity is a static collection that we cannot reference.

I would either be looking for a way to call the add queue item activity without having to call an activity, so I can access the parameters or be able to customise the length of the collection in this activity.

Any help is much appreciated and the solution would go a long way to reducing the need for bespoke exporters for me.


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If this exisisted, we could have 1 robot handling ALL queue adding instead of making 1 pr project!

Anyone have a solution for this?

Hi @Konrad I also raised this as an idea.

one workaround, for us, is to use a switch case and then setup each “Add to queue” activity per switch.

As I understand it, your work around would still require the robot to be updated with a new switch for each project, correct?

I’ll have it in mind and see if we can use it.
Thanks for suggestion and update :slight_smile:

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Yeh that’s correct.


I guess that is the only solution at the moment right?

Or after almost a year this has a solution?

Wow I cannot believe there is no way to dynamically add attributes to a queue… This is a major hindrance for us and will result in a lot of maintenance going forward.


I hate to necro a thread like this but there is a solution for this by using REST Api inputs.

all of the variables for the add queue item activity can be input as a API call. You just have to build the JSON body string dynamically.

Activities can be found here: https://orchestrator.uipath.com/v2017.1/reference


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