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I’m really not familiar in using reframework.
I have some questions with regards to adding items to queue.

I have 2 sheets in one excel.

Sheet1 is for courtlink
Sheet2 is another link

They have the same court name.

How should I add this in queue.

See attached file for sample

Sample.xlsx (11.9 KB)


Check as below

Join the datatables and you can have it in one datatable, after that you can access with one datatable , Use Foreach row activity to loop and save the variables like CourtLink = row(“LINK”).ToString like wise and Add to queue

Hope this helps you

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May I ask if for example I want to open the link from the Queue Item going to the InitAllApplications.xaml. And if navigating those links inside the browser, it will go through the Process.xaml

How should I put it in the reframework?

Example: when you read the from the QueueItem, I want to initiate the application in the InitAllApplications then after that the bot will navigate the in the process.

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