How can İ get certain parts in excel and send it to queue

Hey everyone,

In a excel document.
I would lıke to get the ID column values ​​where the values ​​in “product” column are equal to “unknown”

like this i want to send the values 4 and 9 to queue

Thanks in advance,

Hi @berkaykor,

You can use Filter Data Table activity with column name “product” = “unknown” as shown in below screenshot.
Then by using that filtered data table in for each row you can use add queue item activity to load this unknown items in queue.


Thank you very much all.

In the add queue item activity what should I give as input.

I want to add the ID values seperatly as queue item @samir


Okay for this you have to create a Queue in orchestrator, and follow the steps below,

  1. Specify queue name in QueueName property.
  2. create argument in ItemInformation property (with value —> row("ID").ToString).



Yess İ figured it out. Thank you very much.

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