Excel activity

These are inputs to my excel

I want them output as looks like below

can any one suggest me how to acheive this kind of scenario.
Thank you in advance

Can any one please help out on this

The way I would do it is add R1 system a, R1 system b, R2 system a etc into a queue, with the model, manufacturer etc as the arguments/collection for each one. Then grab first queue item (say it’s R1 system a), find the R1 table, find the system A column (and assign the column letter) then cycle through each of the rows and write value from the queue data.

For example, it has found the value “Model” in row 8, so it should grab the Model argument from the queue item;

  • [Assign] myModel = QueueItem.SpecificContent(“Model”).ToString

And write myModel to cell B8 assuming the system A column is in column B.

(There is probably a much easier way using a macro though)