Type into: Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

Dear All:
Would anybody know how to solve this problem, I’ve indicated selector again and again, still cant solve

is it possible that this error might be caused by 「title* 」(shown as the following) is too far from the blank column, so cant find the element?

Appreciated very much

HI @Apple

Can you share the selector here


Hi @Apple

Instead of omitting the title attribute try wildcarding the title attribute!



Hi @Apple ,

Use wild card in the window html name attribute Composite_* since it will change each and every time rest of the selector ok to me. Please try and let us know. Thanks.

Yeah suggested by @pravin_calvin don’t omit the title attribute it is needed the issue is due windowhtmlname attribute.


Hi @Apple,

Use Wildcards for dynamic selectors.



How or where can I click 「repair」 item?
I click it shown as the following Repair with yellow heighten

Thanks a lot.


Thanks for your suggestion.
Could you please tell mw how to use wild card in the window html?
And where can I check the title attribute? Sorry, I don’t know what do you mean by windowhtmlname attribute?
Is it available to show me the screenshot?

Thank very much

Repair only works when the selector is not validated ie. the validate button on your window is not green it is red. But is already green sating the selector is correct. Whereas you can use wildcards * or ? in your selector like in aaname or title etc.


Also try with Modern activities instead of classic activities. there might be a case where the modern activities work correctly and do not give you error.


selector is as the following, thanks a lot.


I’ve found “windowhtmlname”, thanks a lot.

Do you mean I should add a * following by Composite shown as the following?

Thanks a lot.

It works. I can click the repair Item. Thanks A lot.

If the issue is resolved please click the appropriate thread as solution so others can refer it.


Hi Sh:
I tried to use Modern activities you suggested
however, its shown that I should use Use Application/Browser activity.
Does it mean that at the very beginning I should use it to replace of Open Browser and Attach browser as well?

Thanks a lot.

Yes in the modern activities all UI Interactions are done inside Use Application/Browser activity. Assume it as same as Excel application scope you use in classic design on same page in modern design to perform UI automation you need to first pick Use Application/browser activity which acts as a container and inside it add all other activities like click etc.


Got it.
Appreciated very much.

Hi @Apple ,

Glad you found out the proper selector use Composite_* that’s it don’t use any number it will change each and every time you open web page. wild card will help you in this scenario. Thanks

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Thanks a lot.

Hi, Shikhar,
Do you know why I can’t find Classic item in the condition if I use Modern design?
How do I choice whether to use Classic or Mordern?
Can’t find the classic in the following dropdown list.

Thanks a lot.