I have to click on the matching value in the web page


1.either i have to click on the highlighted value (it automatically select the check box) /else
2.i have to click on the check box for the matching value

help me to design the bot


You do this by placing a click activity and in click activity there it has Indicate on Screen, if you click on that you have choose a element, choose that highlighted element.

You can able to see the selector by edit selector

You need to check the selector where it will identify row by row with the number.

Paste that selector, we can suggest some solution, if we find


image - selector of matching value check box
image -selector of next check box

i can do it either way, 1. i have to click on highligted yellow/matching value of account number in webpage if i click on highlighted value it automatically enabls the checkbox
2. else i have click on check box of matching value.

image - selector of highligheted value

In this below Image there is aaname with corresponding number


Try to type full account number and try to validate. If it is highlighted correctly

Then assign Account number to a string and pass that value into selectors

Hope this helps


- iam getting this error

i habe changed account number to string i got below errorws

- design flow


In selector you need to keep this

Place log message to check the selector is working as expected


share me the xaml file i will help


it has some confidential data srinu i couldnt share the xaml file

ok then, build a selector and assign with a variable

Hope this helps



You can pass the dynamic like this

- it not validating

i have provided a name and set it to variable . Kindly help

Not like that you can pass anname=’“+Accountnumber.tostring+”’ this directley into a selector edit field.

Main.xaml (4.9 KB)
You can pass dynamic like that.

- error not click on foundvalue

which variable you can pass it? In the Accountnumber place you can put the variable creating in your workflow.

account number is the variable i have createdif you check my 1st post you can see my work flow clearly.

In that you can edit anname=‘“+accountnumber.tostring+”’

After you click on the validate option.

image - not validating

@senthil.it89 you have to copy the selector from the properties of the activity and assign to a variable


After that do the steps and place the variable which you assigned in properties-> selector