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Hello everyone,

1 - I have scrapped data into a datatable (Process_ID and Process_Status) → done
2 - Stored the Process_ID where Process_Status = “running” in a variable → done
3 - now I want to click/select - in an other browser-window - on a checkbox where the Process_ID is
similar as stored in my variable).

How can I use my variable to click on the correct check-box (same process_id), when I have a list of check-boxes in an browser window. The variable is set global, but what activities can/should I use to click on the correct check-box?

Please advise

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Hi @Robert_Heggio,

It’s possible by using dynamic selectors, use UiExplorer to map the Process_ID attribute in the selector for Click/Select Activity and make dynamic.

Check out the documentation for dynamic selectors below.

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you can pass Process_ID variable in selectors
you just have to check where exactly you want to pass this variable

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