I have problem with screenshot activity

i am facing one issue like i am taking a screenshot for few activities
my bot is working perfect when i run a bot manually my bot taking a screenshot and save in folder but when i am try to run a bot from orchestrator my bot not taking a screenshot can someone help me to fix this issue

its for 2nd bot
and also one more issue i faced like when i run the bot from orchestrator its working perfect and send time i run a bot its working fine and when i 3rd time i try to run a bot its not working perfect than again not working than again working :stuck_out_tongue:

can someone help me for those issues


Did you specify a selector for the screenshot? If you want to take a full screen screenshot, leave the selector field empty.

If that doesn’t help, is there any error message?

Please describe how it’s not working, otherwise it’s difficult to provide help.