Take screenshot activity problem

Hi Team,

I am handling a project where i need to take a screenshot of a screen when bot is running in a prod run.The bot has to take entire screenshot of a screen with time stamp(from the task bar ) and need to send to the respective team.In this case what happening is the screen us moving to the left hence no time stamp is coming up.

Can anyone of u help me here. Grateful for your kindness and help

Thanks in advance

Hi @cheersrpa,
I am assuming that you use “Take screenshot” activity. Have you double-checked the selector you are using? Have you checked its scope e.g. via Selector Editor ->Open in UiExplorer → Highlight in Visual Tree?

hey @PAD ,

Yeah ,i double checked .There is nothing wrong with d selector.


If you want to take the entire screen, the selector has to be null (empty) right.
The one from REF framework is working fine.

TakeScreenshot.xaml (8.5 KB)



Well Man…Perfect .It’s working now.Thanks a lot:clap:

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