Screenshot not captured!

Hi All,

When I run my workflow from Studio, its capturing screenshot. But the same if I run through Orchestrator jobs, screenshot is not being captured.

Did u check in package folder where the process is downloaded or in the folder path where u had developed and tested the workflow

All Checked…

In Studio its working fine… But the same not working when I run it through Orchestrator Jobs .

Do u mean it is not saving screenshot or screenshot activity has some exception

Also can u show which file path u provided for screenshot file ?

Attaching the screenshot for better understanding.

When I run the same code from Studio, for any business or system exception the screenshot is saved in this folder.

But, the same is not happening when i run the code from Orchestrators jobs.

Hope you got my point.

Ya bro @veerishu

But when u run ur process from orchestrator
runs in your machine it first download the package into the machine and do the process

So if u had provided the screenshot folder inside ur workflow and had provided the screenshot file path as the folder name only not the complete path in the workflow

It will save the screenshot in the package folder where it is downloaded prior to running process

Hope you got it


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It should be available within the package in the machine on which the bot runs.

Ideally it would be in the C:\Users<UserName>.nuget\packages<Your package> on the machine to which the bot is associated to , in the orchestrator.

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Issue resolved!!

I was giving the only half path like ( Data\Screenshot) which is fine when you run the workflow local.

But when running the workflow through orchestrator Jobs, It was not identifying the half path.

On providing the full path the issue resolved.


Hi @veerishu since u had provided half path

The screenshot should be saved in the workflow folder as specified by @SowmyaLeo

You can check there whether the screenshot is saved or not

If u want to save in ur local desired folder you had to provide the full path

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