Take screenshot activity is not working from agent and orchestrator

Hi everyone,

I am trying to take screenshot from mainframe terminal.

  1. The code is working fine when I’m running it from the studio.
  2. The code is working fine when running from the agent only when the daas machine is open. If the daas machine is minimised the screenshot activity is not taking the screenshot.
  3. The code when deployed to orchestrator is working sometimes and it’s not working sometimes.

Can anyone please help me solve the issue, I’m working on an urgent deployment.


when it fails, what is the error message?

Hi @SenzoD,

The take screenshot activity is not throwing any specific error… but when I’m trying to save that image… the save image activity is throwing an object not found error… so when traced back to the variables which I am passing in to the save image activity … the screenshot image variable is null.

  1. I tried retry scope
  2. Do while with validations yet I am unable to resolve the issue .

The front end automation is only working…not the back-end.

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look at this solution

In general, try not to dredge up old posts.

Were you able to find any solution to this or Do we have a verified solution for this ?
Thanks for any support!!