I have one question in Email automation

hello Uipath family we have some project in that one functionality is there I.e
When the user clicks the submit button we have to send the mail to him like getting mail(hello welcome) like some greeting mail so for that what will do in our website we have some form if he/she clicks the submit button we have to send the mail to his email account how to do this

hear the challenge is whenever the user clicks the submit button at that time we have to send the data to him like we have to trigger the robot how to do this?
is it possible!! if is it possible how?

Am waiting for your replays please help me if you know
I hope I get Replay for this Topic

Thanks & regards
Chethan P

Hi @Chethan_P,

First off all, Is this form a Google Forms embedded into your website? If so, I can give you another solution.

Otherwise… If you must use UiPath, there is an option where you will need a robot running 24/7.

It would read form’s response sheet, filter by those ones that haven’t receive the greeting email yet, for each of them… send the email and update a column to inform that the email was sent (same column used to filter before).

And then, repeat, repeat, repeat over and over. Use a while true for this



If you don’t want to have a robot running 24/7…

You must have something running 24/7 anyway or almost 24/7, to know if there are new submissions to send email.

You could use Windows Scheduler to run a PowerShell script every minute, two minutes, etc.

This script would integrates with your API, Google Sheet API, etc. to read responses. Then, if there is at least one to receive the email, the script would run UiPath robot to execute our automation (But here you don’t need that while true). If there is not, script finishes.

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