Trigger Job by button click from a website

I have a general question which need advise on.
I have a web form that require users to fill in some information and the user will have to click ‘Submit’ button to process the information.

My questions are:

  1. How can I trigger a job to run in orchestrator when the user click submit button?
  2. Does the user need to have robot setup in orchestrator in order for the job to run ?


As you need to trigger job based on the website submit button - For this you have write a onclick Javascript property and call the UiPath API

Check UiPath API documentation Jobs Requests

Yes, This require a robot setup in Orchestrator, This is unattended mode

If you have the attended mode then user can click from UiPath Assistant itself

Hope this may help you


Yes, This require a robot setup in Orchestrator, This is unattended mode

Is that means all users need to have a robot ? Can it be only 1 user robot that perform for all users.


What application is the form? Do you have control over it? For the case you are talking about, you can have some approaches with RPA or API. By RPA, you could have a monitor robot serviced, which would constantly check for any sign of completion of this form. Or an event based via API, which would be the job in Orchestrator. Tell us more about the applications involved.


Store the input data in the particular loaction. It is possible to have the robot that monitors

Have a look on the documentation


Hi @gabrielribas4 ,

Yes, I do have control over the web form. The web form is just a simple form code using
I would need to add the function of triggering the orchestrator job at the button click.

However, I’m not sure whether it is possible to perform it from RPA side.

Via API is by using Ochestrator API is it ?

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Thank you, will definitely check this !

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You could program in your form code to send an HTTP request to your Orchestrator using the Startjob Endpoint. That way you wouldn’t need to allocate an entire machine to a monitor robot, which is very expensive.


Check and let me know if you face any challenge