Cannot automate remote app. UipathRemoteRuntime.exe not running in remote session

I was trying to automate a process in remote, installed the remote runtime tool along with Studio and it gives me this error whenever I try to click or do any sort of activity on a citrix app.

However upon opening the task manager, the uipath remote runtime and user activities are both working. The remote runtime and citrix extensions have already been installed. I have tried reinstalling but to no avail. How to solve this?

Did you find solution to this error ? I am getting exactly the same issue when using v19.11.1 version of UiAutomation activities.

Is there a solution for this?

@klazaro It looks like you are Native Citrix to automate the rdp. If it didn’t work why can’t you try with image automation

Because image automation is very unreliable and slow. Native Citrix is far superior.