Anchor Base with PDF unable to extract text / unable to select PDF elements

I’m new to UIPath, When i’m trying to extract text from a PDF table,

Question 1 - I cant get it to work inside Anchor Base. It returns a blank message.
Question 2 - I tried using a Get Text outside anchor and it works only one time. Once my PDF is closed and opened it is unable to read the text.

I’ve searched a lot on this forum and have followed the PDF accessibility, reading settings recommended. However i still face the problem.

It is very frustrating when the “indicate on screen” is unable to select the individual elements of the PDF.
The moment i open preferences and close, it is able to detect the elements on the PDF, but when i close and open the pdf i cant seem act to get it work.

is there a bug in PDF text extraction ??

Any help is much appreciated.

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