Activate SAP Window doesn't work

Hi everyone!

I have a process in which I have my SAP GUI in background/minimized and want to bring it to the foreground so that I can automate processes in there. I also used the Activate activity but it keeps saying that it could not find the UI element. I attach a screenshot, maybe it is helpful.
I hope you have solution :pray:

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Hi @RandomGuy,
Please make sure your selector for window activation is right. Maybe there is some parameters which are changing (like title or something) and prevents selector from being dynamic.

Hey @Pablito,
thanks for answering.
Then this might be a problem.
I am creating the process for a colleague who can execute it by starting it on UiPath Robot. He sometimes uses his laptop, sometimes one or 2 monitors etc. Is there no way just to say: “Open active SAP window”?

I think for sure there is a way. You just need to build proper selector for this activity. Additionally if this SAP has only one active window during this process then it should be achievable for sure.

Yeah I did some trial and error but still can’t keep it constantly working since there are more windows opened from time to time.
Any ideas?

Things worth to try:

  • Working for better selector
  • Send hotkey for alt-tab’ing into right window
  • Click activity with proper selector on the right window on application bar in windows
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Alright I will do it, thanks!

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