I can't find the UiPath extension in Visual Studio 2022


I’m facing an error when trying to install UiPath extension from Manage Extension in Visual Studio 2022. It simply does not appear there.

What can I do in order to add this extension in my VS 2022?


Hi @Ioana_Renard ,

I think there is a similar post raised before as well, it doesn’t seem to have concluded :

Hi @Ioana_Renard ,

kindly share error screenshot and try below options.

  1. disable antivirus then try to install Extension.
  2. try to install deferent browser


Hi @supermanPunch,

And thank you for your reply. I saw this post before and also voted in that pool.
Hope it will be solved somehow.


Hi @RajKumarDuraiFAS,

Of course. Please find it in attach.
Visual Studio Professional 2022.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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If anyone else will encounter this problem, I didn’t figure out it (together with help from support).
My solution was to downgrade to Visual Studio 2019 and then it works! :slight_smile:

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