Custom activity wizard - UiPath option missing

I have added activity creator extension works in Visual Studio 2019!
But when I select new project, uipath option is not available!
Can someone help?


Could you please tell me the steps you followed to do this and if possible help me with screenshots. So that we can check and help you.

I installed UiPath Activity pkg in Visual Studio 2019. But when I create a project and try to add UiPath in it…UiPath is not there.
PFA the screenshot of the same


Hope it was properly installed into this machine. Could you please restart Visual Studio post installation and then check it once.

Checked @lakshman. Still UiPath option missing for create project

After Selecting UiPath Activity Creator to install, did the VSIX Installer run after closing all your Visual Studio windows?


Have you gone through all the steps outlined in the following document?

The screenshot that you provided is low resolution and I cannot make out the version of the extensions you are showing. Can you confirm that it is the latest version 2.1.0?


thank you @codemonkee

I had done the same setup too…but looks like the problem was with my installer. After updating it, it works!

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