Unable to find "UiPath Activity Creator" in Visual Studio wizard

Morning folks,

I’m looking to create my own activity with the UiPath extension but I can’t find it in the Visual Studio wizard.

I manually tried to install the extension by download the vsix but to be honest i’m not familiar with VSCode
Did anyone encountered the same problem ?

Hi @morgan.fulgoni,

Are you trying to create a custom activity to integrate into UiPath? Can you clarify as it would be a better step for a clear solution


Hi !

Yes, i’m trying to recreate this [The Simple Activity]

You can also refer this video, which would you would have better understanding

DEMO: Build custom activities in minutes with the UiPath Activity Creator - YouTube


Which version of Visual Studio do you use?
As current Activity Creator is for VS2019, probably we cannot find it if use Visual Studio 2022.


I went through this video too but it didn’t help me sadly :frowning:

Hi @Yoichi !

I’ll try with the 2019 version then ! coming back to you soon :slight_smile: Thanks again

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