I cannot find Open browser Activity in StudioX

Hi Guys,
i am new to UIPath, Just started learning.
I was trying to write some activities.
1- Go to internet explorer
2- Enter specific URL
3- Copy the data from excel
4- Put that data in a specific location in the IE
5- Click on the search

I am having a problem as most of the tutorial says that add open browser activity, i cannot find it in studioX.

Can someone suggest how to do this?

Hi @Devendra123

Is Uipath.web.activities installed or updated


You can use Application Card, it will handle both web and windows applications


Thanks Ashwani ,
I searched for this option, and click on install. A yellow colour mark appeared in front of it which says Package to be installed.

How i can proceed further and install right now ?

Hi @Devendra123

Go to manage package and type uipath.web.activities and select the option and on the right hand side of the popup window you LL get update or install do it

Will work


Happy learning


Hey Mate ,

Its installed but still cannot find the open browser activity .
If you dont mind you please drop me message on devendrasingh.ece@gmail.com for few queries pls. or let me know your email ID i’ll ping you. Thanks

Application card,it’s able to handle both desktop applications and browsers @Devendra123


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