I am unable to see the Activity properties but my colleague can?

My Machine:

Colleague Machine:

Me and my colleague has the same version of UiPath 2023.4.5 with all the same installation setting but i cannot see my activity option.
we are both using the same package UiPath.system.Activites 23.10.3

Hi @Rowley101

Can you try to update UiPath.System.Activities Package

Hi @Rowley101

Try to update to UiPath.System.Activities to latest version.

Hope it helps!!

UiPath.System.Activities 2023.10.3 is the latest package (without pre-releases)

UiPath.System.Activities 2023.10.3 is the latest package (without pre-releases)


Check on the below thread

downgrading the package does make the properties visible. But my colleague can see the properties on his machine with the same version of UiPath and package version just fine

I am unable to downgrade the package. I get caught in a loop of “dependency downgrade detected” warnings and the only way to escape is to cancel the downgrade.

I had to delete my .json-file of the project to solve this issue.
I’m really shocked that this happens in a production environment.

This is the only solution so far, I tried everything else and did it by myself since I’m working with UiPath for the past 5 years and since the windows system is available, it has a lot of problems.
Best practice for this error is following:
Create a copy of your project.
Delete the .json and update all the packages according to your needs.