Cannot find property panel in advanced options of activity card

hi, i want to view the property panel of the for each activity but i cant find the activity card and the advanced options

Hi @Pyx ,

Could you update the Dependencies to the Latest stable versions and check if you are able to get the Properties Panel ?


It seems a bug of UiPath.System.Activities package 23.2.0-preview in Windows project.
As a workaround, can you try to downgrade UiPath.System.Activities package to 22.10.4?
(Or use Windows-Legacy)


HI @Pyx

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As said there you can find them in the advanced option and that advance option attached with the activity see below your for each you are havin hide advanced options that advanced option is the properties of that activities


hi! this is shown but i cant find type argument under properties still


I think there is no option for changing typr argument in for each in latest update.

you can use Currentitem .ToString and check



Please downgrade your system activities from manage package and check again…

Looks like a bug or a limitation on latest version of system activities