Properties not visible in the Properties tab after updating UiPath Packages

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if there is any way to disable the UiPath feature of moving Activity Properties to the UI of the Activity itself rather than the Properties Tab. I have encountered this problem after updating some UiPath Packages, one of the examples being Get Robot Asset Activity, I would really like to revert to how it was before.

Please find some screenshots below that will help me better explain what I mean.

Before Updating:

After Updating:

Hi @Slliter,
After the update,properties comes under the activity itself.if you want to revert it back, downgrade the packages in manage packages.This will help

Hi Sangeetha,

I am fully aware of how to fix the issue, but the earliest version that does not have this feature is 21.10.5, keep in mind that the latest version of the UiPath.System.Activities is now 22.10.3, that’s essentially a years’ worth of changes.

Ideally, I would like to have all of the new Activities Package features, but without having to go through multiple windows while working on developing a bot.

Personally, this feature does not make any sense to me and it feels like we are moving in the Citizen Developer path in Studio, when something like this should be implemented in StudioX.

@uipath Are there any future plans to implement a way to disable this feature or is this something we have to get used to and start using?