I am Unable Extract Data from Web Page

when I indicate a element through UI Explorer it shows invalid. not Even changed any selector.

Hello @Relangi_Siva , Welcome to the Uipath Community.

Again indicate the page to extract the data and see the difference in selectors and make it as a dynamic.

HI @Relangi_Siva

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Check out the official document



But it shows invalid without any changes. i need to extract data from web but not working

if i click repair then it shows validate but data not Extrating

It may occur due to the selector issue. To identify that, again repeat the process and compare the both selector and make it as a dynamic.

ok i will Try

Hey @Relangi_Siva

The selector should be optimized a bit, But before jumping into that could you please show us the snap of the UiElement on the screen which will help us suggest in a better selector for it.


without changing selectors i am getting invalid by clicking repair option it validates

Can you share the Web page that you need to click? @Relangi_Siva

Can you manually Click ?

i want to click on system number

Hi @Relangi_Siva

Have you tried with CV click activity?


i need to extract data

HI @Relangi_Siva

Try with Data scrapping activity


Check out the document

About Data Scraping.


Not working

Can u share ur mail ID

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