The UiElement no longer valid

Any thoughts, suggestions or fixes on “The UiElement no longer valid” error while using the UiPath click activity in web page?

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Kindly select the element once again with UI explorer
And try once
Cheers @PratheeshKG


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In the UiExplorer - enable the “Active Accessibilty” and then check. This option will be available under the settings part in UiExplorer.

@Palaniyappan The same click activity works fine next time. It seems not consistent.

it looks like the element is dynamic
kindly check once with the attribute values in the present selector and the previous one
we may find few difference in them and if so replace them with wildcards *
that would work for sure
if we are not able to find the previous copy the current one and paste it in a notepad and close the application and reopen again and click on to that selector
so that we can compare the copied one and new one

Cheers @PratheeshKG