Selectors validation

Hello,actually i am extracting the data using scraping when i click edit selector it is always showing invalid i had repaired it then it is showing green if i again open it it is showing invalid
can anyone help me in this
but my workflow is running fine i want to edit selector because it not getting the appropriate data which i need

If the data or the selector you have selected is opened in the backgroud, then the selector will be shown as validated. I mean, if your selector can identify the object or string in the background, it will be validated else it is not recognized @Manisha541

thank you @HareeshMR but now i want to select only some portion of the data from web i had selected it through scraping but in some pages there are pictures along with it , then it is selecting the picture and not data is displayed in excel it is showing blank

You can limit the rows to be selected while scraping itself, It will ask you the maximum number of rows to be scarped. there you can limit the data and

As it is a picture it will not be stored in the data table and write the same to excel I guess. Don’t know what exactly the issue is here

i am searching the data in google then it will display some results i want to extract the topmost data after seraching

Hi @Manisha541,

To restrict scrapping to topmost data please define the numbers at the end of the scrapping how many records you want to scrap .

You can also change it by the property called “MaxNumberOfResult” in ExtractStructuredData activity.

Set it the number if records you are expecting.


Tq all who suggested me
i had solved the issue:slightly_smiling_face:



Please post the solution here how you resolved it, so it will be helpful for others as well who will face this issue :slight_smile:

i used get text activity to select the text which i required but some pages it selected the pictures not data in selectors i had ommitted the css selector then it worked now it is selecting the data

the extracted data is saved into the excel now i want to eliminate the unwanted space in my data
with regular expressions
can anyone help me in this

In which format your data is coming, is it with leading and trailing spaces? If yes then you can use Trim.


i have to remove the new lines which has empty spaces