Uipath Level 3 Assignment 2 Selector error


I’m unable to match below selector using UI explorer. Could you please help…

< webctrl aaname=‘2’ tag=‘A’ / >

Can you post the screenshot of what you are trying to do @Shah ?

Hi @HareeshMR,

Below is the SS:

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Kindly reselect the element and try once whether is valid or not
and i guess aaname =‘2’ is not valid thats why
may i know what element we are trying to access
Cheers @Shah

It will automatically validte once the page is opened in the background. SImply, if your chrome with the particular page where you have selected is opened in the browser, then it will validate @Shah

Is it opened?

Hi @Palaniyappan

Below is the SS of the selector.

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ok got it
its showing invalid as it is not in live that is the page 2 is not currently opened
that wont be an issue
were we facing any problem in clicking that
may i know what was the error popuping up
Cheers @Shah

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If you use datascraping wizard there, then you will get it within the activity @Shah,

You don’t need to give selector there. Try using data scraping

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Below is the exact selector which I should get: