My workflow can't recognize CSV ( when am trying to drag and drop the csv file into workflow)

Scenario: trying to insert data’s from CSV to GUI.

Steps to reproduce:

Current Behavior: Have to define a variable name for Data Table from output value ( read CSV file) but output data table value not recognize Variable name and error is like 'one or more children have validation errors or warnings

Expected Behavior:

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: Studio

Last stable behavior:
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Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):

Could you please attach workflow? or may be snapshot of it.

Thanks for your response,

am a new user, system doesn’t allow me to upload the files. shall i have your email id ?

I assume your variable type is not matching.
Go to property of Data table field of CSV file hit ctl+k and give name.

It Works , thanks , but after for each row activity doesn’t recognize datatable value which i was given.

you declared as local variable please making it global variable
by changing the scope of datatable variable in the variable pane. (7.3 KB)

I can’ download zip file can you attach .xaml file?

user - Copy.xaml (50.5 KB)

Check now.
user - Copy.xaml (53.2 KB)

Many thanks, let me check, May i know what’s wrong on my file and what changes you have been made. Please.

when i run the application it only loops for the first row of the data table and when it picks the data from the csv file for the second time it doesnt run as expected, i.e same as the first instance.
Should i make any changes to the current setup or is there anything else that i am missing.The error i am getting is "Can not find the UI element corresponding to this selector and the Exception i am getting is Selector not found Exception

user_Copy_1.xaml (34.3 KB)

There is problem with selector.
Looks like your browser webctlId is dynamic.
webctrl id=‘id430’ tag=‘INPUT’ />.
Please click on attach to live element by navigating to selector and indicate on input field of the target window as show below else use uiexplore to choose reliable selector.

Thanks for your input, but i couldn’t find/set valid wildcards, even thought i have set some wildcard, am getting UI selector not found error.

you can’t set wildcard for all the dynamic value.
Please use UiExplorer to find reliable selector.
eg: parent ID,class,tag,etc

Ok, Let me try it.