I am attempting a click but can only highlight the entire toolbar

working to load files into an application but when attempting to click on the folder to open the file window I am only able to activate the entire tool bar. Am I missing some library add-on if not or what am i doing wrong? Also there is no file menu for this this is a sub window in an application.


hi @covcreo

it’s and error in the applications, you can easy find another way to replace your click activity using the “click image” activity. this can solve the click you need to do.


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If it is a sub window, try that click activity inside an attach window activity passing that toolbar area.

That is what I needed Thumbs UP!!! and thank you for the fastest response!

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i’m glad to help you!. Please mark as solution, it help other people to find the solution with the same problem.


to be honest image activities should be used as last resort only, cause they are very limited and slower…

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yes, i give you all the reason, but some applications was developed with small containers, and the click activity recognize this container as one UI element, don’t recognize element per element, just the entire container, so that’s the reason to use the click image…

In such a Case a more detailed Analysis within the uiexplorer is recommended and should be the First Action to find Out the rootcause.

I Had more often overcome such issues as selectors we’re mit recognized by First Shot but we’re recognizable by Manual setting.

This deeper Analysis also helps to Develop ideas in alternates e.g anchors, using Key Like Tab, enter etc.

Feel free to Share some Details as schreenshots from visual tree with us. Happy automation

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