Unable to select part of application with Click activity

Hi There,

I’ve an issue i’m working on a POC i have to navigate in an application like bellow :


on this screenshot you can see the application and i want to click on the tab “Personne” i’ve tryed to use a click activity but i cannot acces the area show as bellow :

But for some reason i can acces to other element like text area :

And also if i want to use the application without studio i can do everything in it without problem

thanks in advance for the feedback
Kind regards

Hi @BaptisteG ,

Sometimes this happen even with SAP when we are not able to select menus.

You can choose alternate methods.

1 - Try to inspect it by changing modes from UiExplorer

2 - Just check if their is any shortcut to open that tab.

3 - Try to click Shift + Tab and once it reaches to that tab click enter

4 - If nothing workaround then use click image.

5 - And finally you can inspect highlighted text box in you image from click activity and change the X and Y coordinates as this will change the click position.
You have to check by increasing Y position or X

6 - One more try to use click Text.


It’s working fine with a click image thank a lot :slight_smile:

Great !

Please mark it as a solution for others,


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