Showing hyper link in email body

how can i show hyper link in email body

Hey @anusha

Will you please tell us hyper link of? a server file, Folder path? or something else?


Hi Aksh,
its a folder path using https server…we are doing it using html file uploading is there any other way possible


Hi @anusha
You can use anchor tag to include hyper link in email body.
<a href=''>Click here</a>
You have to enable isBodyHtml property in send smtp/outlook mail activity.


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Hey @anusha

So it is a folder path and i am assuming it is kind of a intranet server? is it? and you wants to share that server folder path to other persons who have access to that local intranet server? Right?

if yes to above cases then just append “file://” at the beginning of a link.

File protocol URIs are like this


for example: <a href="file:///\\server_name\folderA\folderB\file.pdf">LINK</a>


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Hi Aksh1yadav,

I am using Gmail but for some unknown reason, i am not able to get the hyperlink. I am sending mail to an gmail account and outlook account. in the outlook mail, i can see hyperlink but in Gmail, hyperlink is missing. Have you ever came across this type of situation earlier?


Hey @prachi.yadav


There might be following reason for you… if you will share the html then can say/can check the accurate reason.

  1. Might be you are passing href attribute Url with two quotation marks! so it is making your Html Body Content invalid.
    So you can try to replace href content with single quotes.

  2. Try to mention your URL like this:
    <a href="">Google</a>

  3. Still if it will not work then one workaround direct pass your URL instead of anchor tag and lets see that will work.
    Gmail should show this automatically as a link.


Hi Akshay,

Thank you for the details. Apparently, web link appears now with the hacks suggested by you but when i trying to display files directory path (for ex : <a href='"+Path_File+"'>Click Here</a> where value of my variable Path_File = “file:///\test\image1.jpeg” . I am not able to see hyperlink in Gmail. I can see the hyperlink in Outlook though!

Any idea. I will share my workflow, if you would like to take a look.


Test here is server name? or folder name? and you are missing one forward slash if test is your server name.

i am accessing a network drive. Path_File = "file:\\\//\folder1\folder2\file.pdf

Apologies for the missing forward slash, it got converted to single slash while posting the comment.

can you do one simple check of your path…

create a simple new html file and place your hyperlink of that shared network drive path and open that html file in browser and then try to click it and check it is working? or then let me know. because it is your intranet server can not check from here :1st_place_medal:

how to get URL behind the text?
for example: <a href="">Google</a>
in this I want to be shown in the message box could you please help me?