Element to be clicked in the page disappearing so fast that I cant even do Indicate Element and capture the selector

Hi Team

In our web application after downloading a report one small intermediate pop up comes and gets disappeared very quickly. So i cant come from uipath studio and indicate the element so quickly because by that time it gets disappeared.

So what to do in such scenarios ? How to capture the selector ?

I dont want to use Delay activity as it is a static wait.

Hi @kkpatel

You can check if the file is downloaded or not by using an if condition File.Exists(“yourfilepath”) instead of waiting for the downloaded icon to disappear…


Actually I have to wait for the icon to disappear because in the same page i have multiple reports to be downloaded one by one. Unless the icon is disappeared i cant download the next report.

Hello kkpatel

That pop up indicates the complete download? So you can search if the download exist in your download directory and then start the next report download.