Element to be clicked in the page disappearing so fast that I cant even do Indicate Element and capture the selector

Hi Team

In our web application after downloading a report one small intermediate pop up comes and gets disappeared very quickly. So i cant come from uipath studio and indicate the element so quickly because by that time it gets disappeared.

So what to do in such scenarios ? How to capture the selector ?

I dont want to use Delay activity as it is a static wait.

Hi @kkpatel

You can check if the file is downloaded or not by using an if condition File.Exists(“yourfilepath”) instead of waiting for the downloaded icon to disappear…


Actually I have to wait for the icon to disappear because in the same page i have multiple reports to be downloaded one by one. Unless the icon is disappeared i cant download the next report.

Hello kkpatel

That pop up indicates the complete download? So you can search if the download exist in your download directory and then start the next report download.


I’m having a similar issue at the basic level. I need to indicate a click on a selector that comes and goes within a split second. Now I would try to use a trigger and click on element disappear but for some reason that doesn’t matter

That might be because I have the click set to and area of the browser that changes once the notification pops up ( the selector that I’m trying to click)… Any suggestions?

Hello, since I saw you were trying to help, I just thought I’d reply to your comment that way you can see mine and hopefully help me on my end.

Thank you in advance!

If something appears and disappears that quickly, why bother checking for it?

Because the rest of what I’m trying to accomplish resides on me being able to click on that.

You’re supposed to click something that appears and disappears in a split second? How would a human even do that?

Good question… Unfortunately, I’m not making it up. So any advice would be appreciated.

You’ll have to time it right, I guess. You know with the selector windows open, you can click F2 to pause selection?

Yeah, I was hoping there was a way around it but that’s the plan for now.

I was thinking though, maybe have a “click this area” instead of the actual selector would work once the original page were to change.

@Ken_Villard Why don’t you try recording this step and prior to this one

Hello @Ken_Villard

Are you trying to identify the selector for that popup? As you mentioned the popup will get closed within seconds, here its better to use the App/Web recorder.

You can directly record it as how you are doing it normally. Then you can use that recording in your main flow.